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Tento projekt byl realizován za finanční podpory Evropské unie. Za obsah publikací (sdělení) odpovídá výlučně autor. Publikace (sdělení) nereprezentují názory Evropské komise a Evropská komise neodpovídá za použití informací, jež jsou jejich obsahem.

Supported by the DI-XL project related with the dissemination and exploitation of LLP results through libraries

GLOSSA2 Project Description
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The aim of the project GLOSSA II- Training of Greek language online teachers is to use the Greek language as a paradigm in order to develop a methodology which is relevant also for other less used European languages.

On the basis of the methodology, the project has organised practice based tutor training using an innovative 3 phases technique, which combined face to face workshops, online training with observation of real online courses and real tutoring of students of B1 level.

Another important objective of the project is the promotion of the Greek language and the multiplication of the number of people that are able to learn Greek online.

In order to achieve this objective, a full online e-learning course was developed for the B1 level of the Greek language which is open for students all over the world wishing to continue online their study of the Greek language.

Furthermore, one of the most difficult and valuable less disseminated languages will be promoted further and Greek is a choice to learn online when learners decide about the “language of their heart to learn”, as the writer Amin Maalouf says.


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