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Project Methodology

The project has a very full agenda of tasks and these have been allocated to a set of developmental and other Work packages. The most interesting aspects are that a complete advanced Greek online course is being developed using methodologies for online learning gained from extensive research. This course will be used as an example of what can be achieved in current online, multimedia language courses.

The second interesting aspect is the transfer of an accreditation tool from a Leonardo de Vinci project that will form the basis of a common European Language Teacher profile which will include the analysis of the common European skills and competencies according to the European Quality Framework (EQF) model, a European Union initiative to create a translating facility for referencing academic degrees and other learning qualifications among EU member states. The profile is being developed to enable the recognition and accreditation of non-formal and informal skills.

1 WP1 – Gestion et coordination du projet
2 WP2 – Développement des méthodologies pédagogiques
3 WP3 – Développement du matériel pédagogique pour l’apprentissage du grec
4 WP4 – Outil d’accréditation et profil du professeur de langue
5 WP5 – Application Pilote
6 WP6 - Qualité - Evaluation
7 WP7 – Diffusion des résultats
8 WP8 - Exploitation des résultats
9 Méthodologie

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