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Greek Radio List : Webpage that includes links to all Greek radio stations.

Greek Radio Stations : Portal that includes links to all Greek radio stations and news concerning Greek radio.

Greek Service of BBC : Webpage in which is presented the archive of the Greek Service of BBC (that now is closed). Listen to all significant moments of Modern Greek history as they were presented by the Greek Service of BBC from 1939 to 2005.

Radio Bubble : Internet radio station with a strong cultural focus.

News Channels

SKAI Radio : The biggest news radio station of Greece.

ΝΕΤ 105,8 : The public news radio station of Greece.

VIMA 99,5 : News Radio Station

FLASH 96.0 : News Radio Station

REAL FM : Popular News Radio Station

Music Stations (With Greek Music)

MELODIA FM : Music Radio Station with artistic Greek music.

DIESI : Music radio station with artistic Greek music.

DEYTERO PROGRAMMA : One of the oldest (was founded in 1952) and the most qualitative Greek stations that promotes constantly the good Greek song.

Rythmos FM : Greek Pop Music

LAMPSI 92,3 : Greek Pop Music

Derti 98,6 : Greek Folk music


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