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2011. február 03. csütörtök, 11:14
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Since the last International Meeting of the Glossa Project which was held in the wonderful Milan, the team has not been resting, everybody is working hard on the next work package. While developing the official website and improving the first lessons' materials, we have also launched the Glossa's Facebook page where you can join us and get to know more about the project and the developers. (


The next International Meeting of the project will be held in Budapest and as one of the hostesses in Hungary I am already excited about the discussions and about introducing the Glossa platform to influential people, such as ambassadors... I am lucky that during the three years of the project I can work together with other European citizens and get to know six different cultures.

And Greek is the vehicle for promoting linguistic diversity...

Üdv mindenkinek!

Γεια σε όλους!

Ahoj všichni!

Salut tout le monde!

Ciao a tutti! Hi everyone!

Hi everyone!

Hola a todos!


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