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greek as a vehicle for promoting linguistic diversity

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The project is building a number of innovative and advanced resources for European language learning.

  • A methodology for the development of e-learning language contents and courses for advanced level students. The methodology will be common for all languages. It will include: current pedagogical approaches, use of multimedia, dynamic content including literature and current newspaper reports, multiple types of exercises and assessment tests etc. The exact contents of the methodology will be decided among the partners on the basis of the initial study. The methodology will be common for all the languages.
  • E-Learning course in Greek language for advanced level (C1 and C2). The course will include: texts, multimedia files (audio, video, flash applications), exercises, tests, glossary, additional sources, links, cultural information etc as well as exercises and guidelines for the attainment of the National Examinations for the Certificate of Attainment in Greek (level D). The instructions for questions, vocabulary and other explanations will be translated in to all partner languages.
  • Adapted Accreditation Tool: Web tool for the accreditation of competencies transferred from E/03/B/FF/PP-149018 and adapted to the requirements of the sector. The tool includes a method for the classification of skills and competencies in professional realizations and performance criteria according to the EQF model, tools and instructions for self evaluation, observation in work place, knowledge test etc.
  • Professional Profile of Language Teacher: Common European professional profile for the language teacher. It will include the description of the skills and competencies of the Language teacher which are common in all the partners' countries and its detailed analysis in professional realizations and performance criteria according to the EQF model.



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