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The GLOSSA project, at its heart, is addressing the need for online language courses for the less widely taught and learnt languages of Europe, at advanced levels, that are state of the art and include current language learning pedagogies. In addition, the project will address the need to update teacher education profiles to suite the realities of today.

The project will answer a number of needs that include:

Methodologies - A scarcity of methodologies, tools and content for the teaching of foreign languages for advanced level students through online courses. There are many online courses for early stage language learners but very little for advanced learners.

LWULT Courses - A lack of courses for the less widely taught and learnt languages, including Greek. What courses are available do not utilize the possibilities of today's Internet (multimedia) and often use outdated methodologies.

Multimedia Courses - A scarcity of courses that enable student autonomous use of the potential of online language courses.

Teacher Profiles - A need to update the European Profiles for Language Teacher Education that integrates skills and competencies that have been derived from non-formal and informal learning activities.


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