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Aim: The aims of the work package are to ensure sustainability of the project and to ensure impact of learning methods and good practice on policies and practices. The WP will begin after the end of the WP related to the piloting of the results and after all results have been finalized.

Methodology: At the beginning of the WP the sustainability strategy of the project will be set. All partners will make suggestions about the sustainability strategy and the WP coordinator will summarize all the suggestions in a sustainability strategy document. The plan for the exploitation of results will cover the following aspects: Identification of usable knowledge to be obtained, Precautions to be taken for the protection of results, Identification of the market, Pre-agreements to be made with potential businesses,  rganizations and customers or other mainstreaming/cooperation contracts, Approaches towards marketing. Also the sustainability strategy will include ways in which the partner organizations could include the results of the project in their regular activities. Contacts are going to be made with schools, universities, adult education centres, language learning institutions, teachers’ associations interested to integrate the results of the project in their normal activities. Each partner organization is going to make contacts nationally (in his country) as well as sectorally (University partners are going to make contacts with other Universities in other European countries or internationally etc.).
Finally, an IPR Agreement will be signed in order to clarify issues regarding intellectual property and copyrights. The virtual community tool, adapted in WP7, will be used in order to support networking between the different stakeholders in different countries, the development of new ideas, the cooperation between different institutions and the use and reuse of the results. The target is to create a critical mass that will make the results of the project self- sustainable.

Beginning Date: 1/8/2012
End Date: 30/10/2012
Duration: 3 months
Coordinating Partner: P6- Marie Haps


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