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Aim: The aim of this WP is the dissemination of the aims, objectives and results of the project to its target groups which are advanced language students, language teachers and language learning institutions.

Methodology: Dissemination of the aims, objectives and results is going to be made throughout the project. At the beginning of the project, a dissemination strategy is going to be designed by all the partners and drafted by the WP coordinator. A stakeholder network is going to be created in each participating country which will be managed by one partner in each country and will include organizations and individuals interested in the results of the project. The stakeholder network will be consulted each time before the finalization of each result in order to assure that the results will be developed according to the needs of the target groups. The dissemination of the project will be differentiated according to the target groups to which the project is addressed and according to the result which is being disseminated. The methodologies, the accreditation tool, the profile and the e-learning tool, which are not language-specific, are going to be disseminated mainly to general language learning institutions and language teachers which are the ones that can use them and exploit them for the teaching of languages other than Greek. The dissemination will be made mainly through face-to-face meetings , newsletters, stakeholder network and web dissemination strategies. For the e-learning course, which will be specifically designed for the Greek language, the target group includes Greek language university students, adult learners, foreign immigrants in Greece, Greek Communities abroad, perspective interpreters and Greek language teachers etc. Dissemination will be made through the use of general dissemination channels such as web site, brochures, workshops, web dissemination channels and the stakeholder institutions. Each partner will report regularly its dissemination activities in the WP coordinator which at the end of the project will draft a dissemination report.

Beginning Date: 1/11/2009
End Date: 30/10/2012
Duration: 36 months
Coordinating Partner: P9- Kindersite


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