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Aim: The aims of the WP are to test the methodology and the e-learning contents developed, to determine the short term impact of each of the results of the project during the development of the project, with the aim of taking necessary corrective action and to obtain feedback from the target group.

Methodology: The methodology of the WP is the following: At the beginning, the WP coordinator will draft a document with guidelines for the piloting and the workshops for the trainers. Before the actual piloting a workshop is going to be organized in each country where the trainers/ tutors of the course are going to be trained in the e-learning system and in the content on the basis of a practical guide which will be produced. After this, the piloting e-learning courses will begin with participants from each partners’ country. Throughout the courses there will be technical, administrative and educational support from the partners who developed the content and the system. After the end of the piloting, the participants are going to be asked to compile a feedback sheet with comments about the course. These comments, together with the other data of the piloting are going to be summarized in national reports from each country. The WP coordinator will summarize these reports in a final report. On the basis of this report and after consultation with the partners and stakeholders, the WP coordinator will make corrective actions in order to correct any problems detected and improve the content. All the participants that will conclude successfully the pilot course will get a certificate. Furthermore, the participants who have concluded successfully the course and wish to become Greek language teachers will be trained to test their skills using the professional profile and the accreditation tool of WP4. Finally, at the middle of the piloting, the tutors in each country will organize a workshop in which teachers of other (except Greek) languages will test the system and the tools developed.

Beginning Date: 1/11/2011
End Date: 30/8/2012
Duration: 10 months
Coordinating Partner: P4- EOI Madrid


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