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Aim: The aims of this WP are to transfer an accreditation of competencies web tool developed in the LDV E/03/B/FF/PP-149018 project from the sector of tourism in the sector of language teaching and to develop a common European Language Teacher profile which will include the analysis of the common European skills and competencies according to the EQF model. This WP is inserted in the work programme of the project in order to facilitate the recognition and accreditation of the non-formal and informal skills and competencies of advanced language students who would like to become language teachers.

Methodology: The methodology of this WP is the following: The partners will see the existing tool and, after consultation with their stakeholders, they are going to make suggestions on the adaptations needed. On the basis of these suggestions, the WP coordinator will make a draft proposal for adaptations of the accreditation tool which will be sent back to the partners for feedback. According to the feedback received, the WP coordinator will make a final proposal for adaptations which, if approved, will be realized by the WP coordinator. In the mean time the partners will  make a desk and field research (focus group) in order to identify the skills and competencies of the language teachers in their country and they will write a national report. The WP coordinator will collect all the national reports and he will draft a comparative study for the partners' countries. On the basis of this study, he will make a draft proposal for the common European professional profile of the language teacher in the partners countries and he will send it back to the partners. The partners, after consultation with the stakeholders will make suggestions on this draft. On the basis of these suggestions, the WP coordinator is going to produce a final version which will be sent for approval to the partners. If no further changes are suggested, this professional profile will be integrated in the accreditation tool.

Beginning Date: 1/2/2010
End Date: 31/12/2010
Duration: 11 months
Coordinating Partner: P7- Consulting Balear de Programacion


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