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Aim: The aim of this WP is the development of two training methodologies for the e-learning language courses. These methodologies will not be language specific and can be used for training in every language. The first methodology concerns the development of e-learning language contents and courses in a higher level of language acquaintance. It will contain elements such as: pedagogical approaches to be implemented, use of multimedia aspects, use of original literature and newspaper items, type of exercises and tests to be used for assessment, duration of courses etc. The second one concerns on-line language learning for advanced students. The elements present in the methodology will include:  methods for studying, revising and exercising in self-learning, use of newspaper items, use of multimedia items etc.

Methodology: The methodology for the work package is the following: an initial study (desk research and focus groups) is going to be performed by all the partners in order to identify existing practices and methodologies generally in e-learning content development as well as generally in language content development and self-learning. Each partner is going to make a national report and will send it to the WP coordinator which, after having studied also the international situation in the sector, it will produce a comparative study. Then, the partners of the project will consult their stakeholders and will make suggestions on how to adapt these practices for the development of e-learning language courses. The WP coordinator will make a synthesis of these suggestions and he will prepare a first draft of the methodologies which he will send back to the partners. The partners will study the 1st draft of the methodologies and will provide feedback to the project coordinator. On the basis of the feedback, the WP coordinator will prepare the final version of the methodologies which, if accepted without changes, will be translated in all partners' languages.

Beginning Date: 15/1/2010
End Date: 31/10/2010
Duration: 10 months
Coordinating Partner: P1- Action Synergy


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