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Aim: The aims of this work package are to coordinate and manage the development of the project, to define the project strategies, to monitor the development and the progress of the project in each phase and to ensure the compliance with the work program time schedules.

Methodology: The first thing to be done during this WP is the drafting of a task planning document which will describe analytically the tasks of each partner, the work program, the time schedule and the methodology of work. This will be done by the project's coordinator on the basis of the proposal. Other main activities in this WP include the everyday management and coordination of the work, the monitoring of the work progress as well as the financial management. All these activities will be realized through the use of a special Intranet Management Tool. Through this system, that already exists, there will be the communication between the partners, the monitoring of the tasks and the deadlines, the monitoring of the technical and scientific quality of the work and the work progress as well as the administrative, legal, organizational and financial aspects.  Another basic tool for this WP are the transnational meetings. 6 meetings will be organized until the end of the project. Before each meeting, the project's coordinator will publish and circulate among the partners the meeting agenda and after the meeting, the meeting minutes. The monitoring of the work progress will be done also through the drafting of 9 Quarterly monitoring reports as well as the interim and final report of the project. Each partner organization will appoint a person responsible for the internal management of the project in each organization.

Beginning Date: 1/11/2009
End Date: 31/10/2012
Duration: 36 months
Coordinating Partner: P1- Action Synergy


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