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The Kindersite Project Ltd. is a Private limited liability company (SME) registered in the United Kingdom. The Kindersite team have expertise in:

  1. Internet and digital communications
  2. Using the Internet for communications and research
  3. Dissemination with a specialty in using the Internet
  4. Internet technology/websites
  5. Valorization in commercializing final products
  6. Strategy and project appraisal

Currently the Kindersite holds a database of over 240,000 schools (primary, secondary, adult, teacher training), institutions, associations and authorities in Europe. The Kindersite has provided a Keynote speaker on communications and dissemination at EU conferences. The Kindersite is results orientated with considerable success in raising the level of educators becoming aware of projects they are involved within. In past EU projects over 100,000 views of Internet project materials and resources have been obtained.


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