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The “Centro Ellenico di Cultura” (Ellenic Centre of Culture) stems from the Greek Community in Milan (1982) and reflects the Greekcontribution to the cultural society of the city. Is a legally recognized non-profit association whose main scope is the dissemination of Greek language and culture in the Lombardy region and, in a wider perspective, in the rest of Italy. A main public service of the “Centro Ellenico di Cultura” is the School of Greek Language for Italian attendants. The school offers three formation levels (basic, intermediate and advanced), includes 10 sections (15 attendants each) for a total of 150 students a year. The teaching personnel is formed by 8 teachers. Since 2004, the School is an official site for the accreditation of the knowledge of the Greek language in the frame of the “Center for the Greek Language (CGL)”.


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