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Final Conference of the project GLOSSA 2 PDF Print E-mail


The final conference of the project GLOSSA 2 took place this November (14/11/2015).


The whole event was streamed live and you can watch it again.



Click on the photo below to see a gallery from the event!


GLOSSA 2 Final Conference

Dear Greek language students,

Welcome to the GLOSSA 2 electronic platform! Here you could attend free online Greek language courses in B1 level during the pilot- research phase of our project (Beginning of February – beginning of July 2015) and you could have access for one more month after the end of the course, so that you can do some more activities, if you want, on the platform.

The course consists of synchronous (once / week/ one hour) and asynchronous meetings with the teachers.

In order to subscribe for the course, please do the written test here. This test is self- corrected, so you can have instant feedback. Apart from that, in order to subscribe to the free online course, we need you to send us a recorded file, answering the questions that you will find here. You are kindly requested not to write the answers to the questions, but to read them, think of the answers and record your voice here.

We invite you to send the audio test recording your voice TOO, even if the  written test has given you a low grade. Your teachers will judge whether you are in the right level of Greek to attend this course.

You will soon be informed from our side about your inscription to this course.

We remain available for any further questions.

The scientific GLOSSA 2 team

This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

GLOSSA II- Training of Greek language online teachers PDF Print E-mail

The aim of the projectGLOSSA II- Training of Greek language online teachers is to use the Greek language as a paradigm in order to develop a methodology which is going to be relevant also for other less used European languages. On the basis of the methodology, a main objective of the project is to organize practice based tutor training using an innovative 3 phases technique, which will combine face to face workshops, online training with observation of real online synchronous and asynchronous courses and real tutoring of students of B1 level. Meanwhile, another important objective of the project is the promotion of the Greek language and the multiplication of the number of people that will be able to learn Greek online. In order to achieve this objective, a full online e-learning course is going to be developed for the B1 level of the Greek language which will be open for students all over the world wishing to continue online their study of the Greek language.

The main specific objective of the project is to train language teachers or prospective language teachers on how to teach online the Greek language in a non-formal environment.

The project is expected to have huge impact in times of crisis, as the Greek State is not able now to support the teaching and learning Greek through sending Greek teachers abroad and train them how to teach. On the other hand this will have impact on the sustainability of the Greek communities abroad, as not only they could be able to offer quality courses to their members but also to strengthen their ties with the host countries ‘ residents.

Furthermore, one of the most difficult and valuable less disseminated languages will be promoted further and Greek will be a choice to learn online when young Europeans decide about the “language of their heart to learn”, as the writer Amin Maalouf says.

Why Greece? Why Greek? PDF Print E-mail

Here, you can see the video of the speech of the known Hellenist Pedro Olalla in the Conference of Classic Civilisation in the city Sagundo in Spain which explains the value of Greece and of the Greek language.



Final Conference of the GLOSSA Project PDF Print E-mail

The final conference of the Glossa Project – Greek as a Vehicle for Promoting Linguistic Diversity - was held on October 11 at the Institut Libre Marie Haps (Brussels).


GLOSSA Final Conference Video PDF Print E-mail

This is a video presenation of the GLOSSA Final Conferece. The video includes parts of the speeches of all speakers who give a synopsis of the project.


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